For my Final Major Project I was initially influenced by a piece of art created by Kerry James Marshall. To me this this particular piece of art represented a huge part of the black culture and therefore lead me into researching this topic. Once I had begun my research I found a photo journal by Stephen Shames (who uses photography to raise awareness of social issues), of The Black Panther Party for self defence, I was interested to find out more about The Black Panthers and their movements so I decided to collect in-depth information about them. I attended a lecture about the Legacy of the Black Panthers in October which taught me many things I was not already informed about through books on The Black Panthers. After having been to this lecture I decided I wanted to put a positive spin on my research and focus more on the non aggressive movements they made, particularly focusing on the role women played within the party, and not following the usual media light. Some of my design work has been heavily influenced by the artist Emory Douglas who did all of the illustrations for the Black Panther Newspaper, and although much of my research has a masculine feel to it due to the way the Panthers are portrayed, I have managed to create a diverse womenswear collection with the research I collected. 

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