Initially I started my research by looking into Arte Programmata (Programmed art), whilst researching I found the art movement style appeared to be similar to that of hallucination art and illusions as the majority of art within this sector is moving in some way, whether it be mechanically or by illusion. Throughout this project I have looked into the life and work of artist Pipilotti Rist who shows her art in the form of short videos that are projected onto large areas when being showcased. Rist focuses on 3 main aspects when producing different pieces of art which are: feminism, human body and sex, all of which I have tried to incorporate within my research and design work through shape, silhouette and style. Rist's work is very bright, bold and often slightly distorted as projectors are not always the most clear way of producing work so therefore to compliment Rist's work I have also looked into Gerhard Richter and the way he creates his pieces as his artwork is also heavily distorted. I have used Rist’s work mainly as print inspiration as I felt this was the best way to compliment the collection with his influence. The prints have been created by imitating Richter's way of working - spreading multiple colours of paint across a blank canvas to create a vibrant finished product.

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